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Pratima Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd. is among India’s leading tours planner and management companies. We have a decade of experience serving travelers’ every need and ensuring their happiness. Our team considers each of you a priority and learns what traveling means to you. We create the best tour plan aligning with your requirements for India and international countries. Our three offices in South Kolkata pair up with our worldwide partner network to create a lifetime experience. Whether it’s scheduling the itinerary or arranging to and from transport, our team is by your side through the entire trip. 

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Asian woman wearing vietnam culture traditional at rice terrace of ban pa bong piang

Our Mission

We want every traveler to make a memory for their lifetime. Our team grows in the process and moves a step forward to becoming India’s favourite tour planner and operator. We always promote responsible traveling and leaving the least footprint behind. You can enjoy customized packages while we ensure your safety and comfort. We aim to deliver hassle-free and wholesome travel experiences.

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